The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

- Helen Keller

Seeking support when we are struggling can be vulnerable and challenging, and it takes courage to reach out. You truly deserve to find someone who will provide genuine care and compassion, and will respect and honor all of your experiences, needs, and identities.

I walk alongside adults who are experiencing anxiety, depression, life transitions, and/or relationship and life challenges in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver and surrounding areas. While I work with adults of all ages, I specialize in working with "20-30 somethings" in the midst of their 'Quarter Life' calling. This time of young adulthood is often characterized by deep questioning of your direction, relationships, and/or purpose and can include healing early trauma and establishing your own identity. I see this time as a unique opportunity to discover your values, create a life path unique to you, and claim responsibility for how you want things to be. 

Therapy is a partnership - we work together to understand you and help you move in the direction of what you want in your life.  I see myself as your guide on this journey of self-discovery.  Through connection to your internal process, we will work to bring clarity, purpose, and healing. My style involves gently probing you to feel and explore your emotions, go deeper with the experience, and come into the present moment as we are talking. Together, we build on insights and desires in order to support you in coming into your authentic, true best self.

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Feelings like anxiety, stress, sadness, or loneliness can be overwhelming or isolating. Many of us were taught or it was modeled to avoid these feelings, push them away, deny them, or we learn to numb them through all kinds of means. These strategies may not work or help, and the feelings often persist.

I believe in bringing laughter and gratitude to this growth process.  My style is rooted in the philosophy that there are no "good or bad emotions"and emotions have inherent wisdom. When we learn to let ourselves really be present with and listen to our feelings, the messages that they convene are often simple and clear. Once the message behind the feelings is clear, we can take action with clarity and intention. This practice of living in the moment and being curious about your inner experience, ways of relating to others, and limiting patterns can transform your life.  I view our therapeutic relationship as a vehicle for healing and insight. I genuinely see your strengths, and what is right and unique about you. 

My style and training is in Trauma Recovery, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Attachment Theory, Emotion theory and Body-focused Experiential Approaches. Therapy together will support you to:

  • Claim and be comfortable in your authentic self

  • Notice and learn to see different emotions from a fresh perspective  

  • Understand your reactions to situations or people

  • Learn to understand and manage anxious thoughts and feelings 

  • Be real and honest in your relationships

  • End negative self-talk and self-doubt

  • Find healing from traumas that hold you back in your life

  • Identify limiting patterns and beliefs that prevent you from reaching your goals

  • Identify what is most important to you 

  • Develop motivation and energy for your goals

  • Find your truth and make life choices with ease

  • Explore your early attachment patterns with caregivers, and learn how that affects your relationships today

  • Develop habits that serve you and help you be the person you want to be

  • Accept yourself- imperfections and all

  • Live more in the present moment, versus the past or future.

I enjoy working with clients of all races, genders, and orientations. This is a place where all parts of you are treated with care and respect. 

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