Welcome to your Quarter Life Calling

Maybe you're in your late 20's and you are re-evaluating your path and priorities. Maybe you find yourself lonely as many of your friends seem to be settling down and getting married. Or maybe anxiety has become the new norm in your life.

These kinds of questions are normal for your 20's and 30's- What should I do with my life? How do I make real friends? Am I in the right relationship? How do I meet someone? Is this the right career for me? Am I depressed? How do I break free from the messages I received in my childhood and become my own person?

You make mistakes and discover more about who you are separate from your family.  You are establishing yourself as an adult. With this can come independence and liberation, and also fear. This period in your life can also leave you feeling scared, anxious, depressed, alone, or confused. You may need support to help navigate through questions about your identity, your future, or your relationships. 

I will hold a compassionate space for you, and will help you discover what is important to you so that you can take the steps towards living the life you want.